Tuesday, August 31, 2004

A Break From the Cynicism

My fiancé, stepdaughter and I moved into our new house weekend before last. The sudden barrage of movers, utility companies, builders, installation techs, and neighbors is a mosquito-esque breeding ground for anger, annoyance and cynicism. Did I mention the swarms of mosquitoes in our new neighborhood?

I’ve heard horror stories about moving. I’ve heard how couples fight constantly because of the stress. Ryne and I thought we could prepare and organize enough to avoid the typical moving horrors.

Nothing we could have done could have prepared for how freaking slow our movers were. It took them 10 hours. Randy, John—good friends—and I could have done it in 5. The DirecTV guy spent 6 hours trying to find a signal. The builders have been out 5 of the 8 business days we’ve been in the house to fix things that weren’t working. Builders digging across the street yanked our transformer out of the ground. We had no electricity for several hours, and the electric company had to dig up half our front yard finding the wires and sealing the contaminated soil.

I must say though that all of our neighbors seem really cool so far.

Through all that crap—and that’s not a complete list—Ryne and I did not say one harsh word to each other. We just laughed off everything and just said we’re lucky to be able to purchase a home that we love with a big back yard that we love. Ryne is so cool and easy-going. Any other woman would have probably been Bitchzilla the past couple weeks, but Ryne has been her usual lovely and pleasant self. She is still more beautiful to me every day. I’m completely in love with her and so lucky to have found her.

Almost as lucky as she is to have found me…heheh…

Thursday, August 26, 2004

I Got Nothin

I've got nothing today, so here is a plug...

Man Made Soul

Check it out, or else!

Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Virtual Dead End

I called SBC this morning to change my service. After some small talk with an automated voice prompter and pressing a few buttons, the kind robot told me he'd transfer me to an associate who could assist me with my needs.

It transferred me to a number that has been disconnected.

Monday, August 23, 2004


I've got this high-powered miracle of technology that is supposed to make my life easier, my work more efficient, and blah, blah, crap.

I get to work today and spend the first 30 minutes deleting SPAM and Worm e-mails. I thought that my life and work were going to get easier and more efficient.

Now, because of Microsoft’s miracle cure for all of it's own security oversights, the company for which I work expects to me spend MORE time sitting behind a computer screen working harder to try to convince ourselves we're ok telling our clients there are no problems. I'm doing this while our support department is taking call after call asking how to make our software work with XP Service Pack 2. How is life better for any of us?

Everyone I know is working way too much unpaid over time at some job selling or servicing some type of technology. They are tired, stressed and grumpy and wasting their lives away with a monitor in their face and somewhat less underpaid bosses on their backs.

How many of my two readers have some sort of repetitive stress injury from sitting behind the computer too long?

Is there no one who will stop and take a look around and see that this thing is making our lives worse? I wish I was just some whiner crying for my own self-pity, but I’m not. Next time you’re in a mall or restaurant or wherever, look at everyone’s posture. We’re all a bunch of slouching, computer-necked lemmings who don’t spend enough time outdoors and who don’t spend enough time with family and friends.

I’m just rambling… OH, wait. This is my blog. I’m SUPPOSED to ramble.

Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Welcome to Hell.

Not being one to miss out on any bandwagon, I've mulled the blog thing over and over in my little mind now for several months. I can resist the temptation no longer.

The thing with blogs is that the blogger should have something interesting to say, otherwise the blogger just has another few megabytes of server space wasted on vanity.

I'd like to first thank blogger.com for providing me with the server space which I will waste on my vanity. In a completely unrelated bout of gratitude, I'd like to thank my friends
Ryan and Scott for providing just that push of inspiration I needed to sign up for this free and useful service.

I started this thing just in time to leave town for a few days. I'll get back to let you know how everything goes....as if anyone cares.

Have a good weekend amigas and amigos.