Thursday, March 29, 2007

I’m Bringing “Bringing Back” Back!

Once again, I claim to be back.

I hate that new cliché. “I’m bringing something back.” I think it’s a great idea to bring things back. I just think that if you’re going to bring something back, you should do a little more bringing and a lot less talking. If you have to announce that you’re bringing something back, it is probably because you realize that nobody is interested what you have. You figure that you announce that you’re bringing whatever it is back, that someone will be interested in the fact that you are bringing something back. You know that no one really cares what you are bringing back.

Now, on to my being back.

Back being?

Being back.

I had to come back. A question has been plaguing me for a couple months. Most things that plague me are far too complex for most humans to comprehend, so I must have these discussions with myself…the one person whom I know can figure out the unknown mysterious unknowns that plague me.

“How do you discuss things with yourself, crazy person?” I know that is the question you find yourself asking me. Well, I’ll tell you. I write. I think writing is what keeps me sane. Maybe that’s just my excuse right now for ignoring the phone. Phones make me crazy.

That, dear Readers, is why we celebrate holidays.