Monday, January 16, 2012

Why Waste Time on .5 Donkey?

 Why Waste Time on Half-Ass?

It doesn’t benefit anybody. The person for whom you did (didn’t do) the work has to redo it or hire someone else to do it well. You don’t get the satisfaction of a job well done. You don’t get asked to do the job again. You contribute nothing to any greater good. You don’t even contribute anything to yourself. You waste resources—most importantly time—of your own and the person who hired you.

The same thing applies to your own work. Don’t waste your time faking your way through an exercise. Focus, give your best efforts and enjoy the results. Don’t waste your time hiding clothes under your bed. Hang them up nicely and neatly. Don’t waste your time on a hastily made bed. Make it nicely in neatly. Remove the clutter from your space. Remove the clutter from your mind. Relish in work well done.

I’ve only got about four of those that I need to work on.